ABCmouse is a subscription-based online education program for children ages 2–7. The original product was designed for desktop and built in Flash. I led one of several teams working to upgrade the user experience and deliver clean, new interfaces optimized for mobile and ready for use in global markets. On-site user testing of proposed upgrades was performed weekly using Marvel and Pixate prototypes.

Age of Learning, Inc.

Design Direction & UX

Mobile Onboarding

The growth of new subscribers from mobile devices gave urgency to a mobile-friendly redesign of the onboarding pathway. This is one of four concepts that were pitched.

MyRoom Wireframe Demo

MyRoom within ABCmouse is the principle place where kids interact with the virtual toys and objects they purchase with earned tickets. Creating an optimal experience involved the user testing of clickable wireframes like the one shown in this capture video.  Interactive demo here.

MyRoom Scene Navigation

A goal for the MyRoom feature was to make it easier for the user to move between scenes and purchase new ones. This capture from a user testing prototype contrasts two proposed methods of scene navigation and purchase.

MyFiles Design Demo

Clickable prototypes at Age of Learning are prepared for both user testing and executive reviews. This video capture shows a prototype for MyFiles where users can access saved art creations and certificates.