Disney Connection

I created and managed Disney Connection with a dedicated team over a seven year lifespan. The product was a self-contained, kids entertainment destination licensed to over a hundred high speed Internet service providers nationwide as a benefit to their customers. We continuously refreshed the product with exclusive games that we developed, Disney Channel video, gems from the Disney Archives and limited acccess to premium subscription services.

Disney Interactive Media Group

Executive Producer & Creative Director

60 Second Sizzle

We designed the homepage for weekly theming and user customization. User interface color palette could be producer-defined per theme.

Planning for all site features included wireframes, user flows, functional specs and prototyping.


Disney Connection's first marketing site was launched in 2006 before broadband was widely adopted. The site made abundant use of animated Flash transitions to drive the message that Disney Connection was innovative and represented the very best in broadband content.

Digital Showcase Theater

We created a whimsical theater within Disney Connection to showcase a weekly line-up of classic Disney cartoons. Part of the fun was watching the "Popcorn Preshow", a weekly collection of fun facts, trivia questions, did-you-knows, riddles and corny jokes.