As part of its offering, Disney Connection provided exclusive single and casual multi-player games to its users for all major company initiative. Each year, I spearheaded the development of four or five games, some of which are showcased here. The casual multiplayer games auto-paired players and spawned play sessions at regular intervals.

Disney Interactive Media Group

Concept Development & Creative Direction

Flitterific Fairy Fortunes

The release of the Tinkerbell movie created a desire for Tinkerbell themed online games. To meet this need, we created a Bejeweled-inspired, magic token collecting game. Results of the game matched the player to a fairy talent and provided a personal message delivered by the fairy of that talent.

Micro-Multipler Games

Disney Connection required a weekly refresh of premium content.  To serve that need, we created a genre of games we called "Micro-Multiplayers." Play sessions would auto-spawn with whatever players happened to show up. All game play was time-based. The player with the most points after a given play session won that session. New weekly content could be generated easily and updated via XML.

Hoverboard World Tour

We designed this Phineas and Ferb fantastical action game to address a need in Disney Connection for serialized game content for boys. The concept is Phineas and Ferb travel to major sight-seeing destinations around the globe and set up inspired hoverboard courses unique to those locations. New locations could be developed quickly and released monthly.

Mission: Experiments On The Loose

To promote the Lilo & Stitch television series within Disney Connection we designed this fun and challenging puzzle game. The objective in the game aligns to the show plot line. Capture the escaped genetic experiments by completing all of the levels. The game also provided the opportunity for progressive releases.

HSM2 Yearbook Scramble

We created this premium, single-player, photo snapping game as an exclusive for Disney Connection and to align with the High School Musical 2 premiere. The player assumes the role of a yearbook photographer with the challenge on the last day of school to grab as many high quality candids as possible of Eastside High's most notable students.

Camp Rock Got The Moves

To promote the release of Camp Rock on Disney Channel we designed this competitive dance game developed for exclusive use within Disney Connection. The game had two play modes, freestyle and showdown.