We developed a robust, single user, online robot boxing game to support the release of the 2011 DreamWorks movie Real Steel. Progressive-release features of the game included explore, design, train, career, exhibition, community leaderboard, achievements and upgrades. The project included the development of a wireless controller for the HP TouchPad.

42 Entertainment

Creative & Project Management

Fidelity To Movie

The game needed to be highly faithful to the movie property. Robot appearances, personalities and signature moves in the ring needed to closely match on-screen versions. Close attention was also paid to camera moves and audio effects.


Game Capture

This in-game footage was from final stages of game development as we were fine tuning camera moves and robot fight interaction.

Explore Demo

Click image to play a Unity development build of the Explore Robot module (desktop only). The demo will open in a new window and may require you to download and "allow" the use of the Unity plugin.

HP TouchPad Controller

We developed a Brass Monkey enabled wireless game controller for the HP TouchPad. Tilting, gestures and thumb taps remotely controlled the robot's punches, blocks and special moves.