This page showcases work I've done specific to UX design, research and UI prototyping. Major projects have all started with a discovery phase that includes goal definition, development of personas and the examination of use cases and flows. The project then moves to site mapping, iterative design, prototyping and live user testing of product features and flows.

Mattel, Disney, Age of Learning

UX Direction

Hot Wheels - Wireframes and Modular Architecture

The goals for the Hot Wheels redesign were an upgraded look, simpified navigation, responsive design and a modular architecture permitting easy customization by global teams.



Mattel Shop - User Flows and High Fidelity Wireframes

The following shows a simplified user flow for presentation purposes, a selection of high fidelity wireframes, and responsive handling of the navigation.


Disney Connection - Technical Flows and Wireframes

This premium online destination that I created and managed while at Disney used a combination of IP detection, household-level accounts and child-level accounts to determine level of access and personalization. Smart UX design was critical to making the complexity of account creation and feature access feel simple and enjoyable for users young and old.


Age of Learning - Prototypes for User Testing

At Age of Learning, inhouse user testing is conducted weekly and is available to all development teams. The following is screen capture of three, Marvel-enabled prototypes I created to test features we had in development. All user test results were documented and a top-line summary distributed to stakeholders.